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A Regular Home Inspection: Do You Need One?

Most people think “home buyer” when they hear about home inspections. But did you know that a regular home inspection by a professional should be part of your home maintenance schedule?

Just as you check your gutters annually, look for critters in your attic and keep your eyes peeled for wet spots in your basement, a comprehensive home review by a professional home inspector can reveal issues that you don’t even know you have. “Prevention is worth a pound of cure”, but with your home, preventative measures can save you thousands of dollars, eliminate any nasty surprises, and ensure that your home provides a healthy environment for your family.

The video below created by the Glens Falls Post Star newspaper shows some of the steps we take at Accurate Home Inspections to ensure the condition of your home remains optimum, and preserves your investment.

If you haven’t had a home inspection in 5, 10, or 15 years, call me today (518) 260-2967 and schedule your home review today!