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Spring Issue #1: Tips and Help with Home Drainage in Glens Falls NY


Spring has not yet sprung but it will soon! Although we were blessed with a mild winter and it seems we are getting more and more warm and sunny days, with the start of spring, you have many new issues to contend with around your home. For proper home drainage in Glens Falls NY, contact Bill Jones at Accurate Home Inspections and read the following tips.


Downspout: Gutter Home Drainage in Glens Falls NY

Things to look for as the weather warms:

  • Are your gutters clean? If they aren’t, all the water from snow, melting ice, and spring rains will flow off the roof and head toward your basement.
  • Are your gutter downspouts leading the water away from the house? If not, where’s that water going? You guessed it, RIGHT INTO THE CELLAR!
  • Are your window wells clean? If not, you can expect water to back up and spill straight into your basement.
window well

Window Well: Home Drainage in Glens Falls NY

If spring means, to you, breaking out the wet vac to keep water out of your cellar, than it’s time to find out what is channeling that water in, instead of away from the house.

Aside from waiting for the ground to thaw to clean out your window wells, you can certainly begin your preventative maintenance by checking the condition of your gutters, clearing them of debris and ensuring your gutter downspouts are directing water away from your home.

Have questions concerning your gutters or home foundation drainage systems? Contact Bill Jones with Accurate Home Inspections in Glens Falls NY for comprehensive home inspections in Saratoga Springs, Queensbury, and Lake George NY Regions. Call (518) 260-2967 today.

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