Dehumidifier Water Removal Options: Consider a Condensation Pump!

Hate emptying the water out of your dehumidifier? Most of us use a dehumidifier to keep our basements healthy. The worse part of this is running up and down the basement stairs to empty the unit every day. Here is a handy solution to never have to empty your dehumidifier again. If you have a furnace with a condensation pump, run a hose from the back of the dehumidifier into this pump. Now the pump does all the work and you never have to dump the unit again. Don’t have a condensation pump? You can install one (or have your local handyman or plumber do it). These pumps run about $65. It’s worth it to me. For assistance with dehumidifier water removal options or home inspections in Glens Falls, Lake George, and the Saratoga Springs NY Region, call Bill Jones of Accurate Home Inspections at (518) 260-2967. Check out our client reviews! Related Content: 6 Steps to Prevent Water in Your Basement Ice Dam Prevention Tips & Fixes How Tough are Those Skylights?