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Our House

Our House! It’s a very very very fine house. With 2 cats in the yard along with bats in the attic, mold in the basement, water intrusion through the foundation, rot on the trim. Is that a gas leak I smell? Is the house insulated properly? Is that a hazard that could cause a lawsuit? Ah yes! Our house, is a very very fine house.

Our home is our castle. It is where we go to in order to feel safe and secure. And generally it is. But there are always those things around the house that may need a little attention. Keeping our homes safe, secure and running smoothly is a job that we all signed on for when we bought our home, whether you realized it or not.

Here is my personal tale about My House. (My wife said I could call it my house. I really just work on the place.)

23 years ago, my wife said, “Honey!” (And you’d think a man of my intelligence would know that when the wife starts off with, “Honey!”, I’m in trouble.) “Honey, Will you build that house for me?” Being the loving (and not so bright guy that I really am) said, “Sure. Anything you want.” 2 years later, we moved into our new home. It was 99% complete. I say 99% because no matter how done you are with your home, YOU ARE NEVER DONE!

The following will be a series of articles about Our House and Your House. Let’s take a walk through our homes and see how they are built and have some fun along the way. If I poke fun at myself, It’s to keep my sanity. If I poke fun at my wife, welllll, that won’t happen. I have a very strong survival instinct. Just sit back and relax as we look at what makes up the building we call HOME.

Our story unfolds. An index of chapters

Our House – The Land

Our House – The Exterior

Our House – The Roof

Our House – The Garage

Our House – The Basement/Foundation

Our House – The Plumbing System

Our House – The Electrical System

Our House – The Heating System

Our House – The Interior

Our House – The Attic